Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Biggest Loser Episode 8

(Quick summary.. I watched this a long time ago and right now I'm in a little crunch for time. Just spent three days watching Veronica Mars Season 1.)

Last week, Brian and Pam were sent home because they were not the biggest losers. Caroline Rhea told us that they would be replaced by two new people.

This week, we're introduced to the three men and three women that lost the most weight at home. They mingle with the others for a night. Heather and Kai even act like fools and try to move a bed from their room into Pam's old room and then finally realize they could just give up their room for a night. Geniuses, I tell you.

The at-home contestants get to be weighed. They've all lost a gazillion pounds and look fantastic. The one guy and one girl with the biggest weight loss percentages will get to rejoin the game. Adrian is the girl with the biggest loss. She's loss like 50 pounds and is now like 170 pounds. Jaron is the guy with the biggest loss. He's.. I forget how much he lost. Anyway, Caroline rubs it in the contestants faces that Adrian has the largest percentage weight loss out of all of them and Jaron is in second.

General consensus: Nobody is happy. The contestants are pissed because they don't think it's fair that people are only now joining the game. Well, it probably didn't seem fair to them when they weren't chosen to be on the ranch. The trainers? Are obviously pissed. Because how embarrassing is it to see that people have lost more weight at home without you than the other contestants have at the ranch? Kim actually grills Adrian on what she did to lose weight at home and then was like, "See? Age is a huge issue. See? Beer is a lot of extra weight you lose when you stop drinking." I don't like Kim very much. Trainers in general have a certain attitude that I don't like. Jackie on Workout has the same attitude but I have less of a problem with her, probably because Mimi was so ridiculous.

There's a challenge that involves a mini challenge where the pairs have to calculate calories. The pair that is closest gets to choose what objects everybody gets to carry a ton of. There are jugs of water, bricks, dumbells, and tires. Wylie and Marty win the calorie count by being like ten off or something, which was surprising and ridiculous because the others were like 800 off or more. They choose the jugs. Kai and Eric get the tires. Heather and Bobby get the dumbells. Adrian and Jaron get the bricks. Which sucks. I don't like this challenge because it pretty much should have just been a calorie count. The winner of that was the winner of the challenge. Anyway, Wylie and Marty win. Heather, Bobby, Kai, Eric all decide to finish and Adrian and Jaron say screw it. There's a big fuss about finishing what you start and yeah, I get the point. But you know, if all the objects were the same, I would say they should have finished. The fact that they were obviously given the short stick.. I don't know. Whatever.

There's drama with Adrian and how Kim's workouts aren't as intense as hers, but they do excessive amounts of them. Basically, Adrian did practical workouts at home. Kim does a lot of workouts that make sense to do, but wouldn't be practical with real lives at home. Adrian's frustrated. Kim's a prima donna. On and on it goes.

They have their weigh-in. The bottom team is Heather and Bobby. Why? Because Heather the moron decided it would be a good idea to gain weight. Because she's "playing the game." I didn't like it when Eric did it, but when he did it, he knew Kai would use the free pass, so he wasn't trying to screw her over. He was trying to get everybody on an even playing field. Heather was trying to screw over Bobby because he's a threat, aka a male. I don't like Heather. She and Kai are so adament on having a female win, but probably not one named Adrian I'm sure, that they will do anything. Ugh. So Bobby apparently checked out of the game a week or two ago because he misses home and Bob gives him some spiel and tells him to serve it right to Heather. Unfortunately, each pair only has one vote and they agree to vote off Bobby.

Next week on The Biggest Loser, Adrian loses it.

Until next time..

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