Saturday, November 04, 2006

Marisa vs. Starr

I got the best screenshots that I could, so even though it's not dead similar, you've gotta agree, the two crazies look alike. They've both got that Clay-Aiken-shaped face. Nothing would make me more upset than to be forced to spend time in a small room with these two.


These two pictures capture exactly what I can't stand about these two.

Marisa: She has a bit of a condescending look to her face. A little bit of a "this is what I'm gonna do and it'll be amazing." Except it never is.

Starr: She is so weak and has no self-confidence. Her face says, "My dress probably sucked. Actually, I'm sure it did. They're gonna send me home, I just know it."

If these two were to duke it out, Marisa would win, doing so by accusing Starr of doing something totally heinous that she didn't exactly do. Starr would break down and cry about how she's useless and sucks at life and then Marisa would smirk in the background. Also, I'm pretty confident that if these two were to meet, they would not get along. There's nothing I like more than when two very similarly annoying people find each other annoying.

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