Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Biggest Loser Episode 7

So this week on The Biggest Loser, they had a pseudo-merge. The teams became null and void and they were put into pairs, each with one red team member and one blue team member. So this week's pseudo-merge was met with a pseudo-temptation. Basically, there were eight boxes and anybody who participated would have to stick their hand into a box and either eat whatever food was in there or it would be the winning box with some sort of card in it, which meant they'd be able to choose the teams. So they go in some strange order that they seemed to randomly pick on the stop. The whole time, I was thinking it's 6, it's 6, it's 6. I'm not even positive it was box 6, but I think it was. Anyway, it just happens that it's the last box picked, and Wylie picks it, which, good for him. He's been pretty much the red team bottom bitch for like three weeks.. not by choice. Those three red team girls have been threatening to kick him off for awhile, and now he pretty much has the ability to say, you know what? I pick Marty.

So, yeah, basically Wylie picks Marty. They have some ceremony type thing where Wylie names all the teams. Kai has the free pass still from a few weeks ago when the entire red team ate like five tons of food. So who she's placed with is a huge deal and everybody has their opinion on who she should be paired with. Ultimately, Wylie's thinking long-term, and puts Eric with Kai because Eric "needs to be [t]here." Apparently nobody has faith in Eric and if he doesn't stay on the ranch for a long time, he'll be hopeless at home and be 900 pounds at the reunion. Well, I like Eric. I have faith in him. But either way, put him with Kai, whatever. Brian is with Pam. Heather is with Bobby. Wylie smartly chooses Marty, which in a way is nice, because both of them were almost voted off at some point in the past, and they've both lost a lot of weight.

Next is either the challenge or a workout. I think it's a workout. Bob and Kim have to train the teams together or something. The old teams still hang out sometimes and it's just kinda weird because Bob and Kim don't have similar styles of training. Bob is more hardcore and Kim is more lax, is what I get a feel of. There's a little tiff between the two trainers over pre-challenge training.. so it was before the challenge. Kim doesn't think Bob should kill the contestants and Bob doesn't kill them, so it's basically a pointless argument. I like Bob.

Oh, let's talk about Kim. Not so much about her as about how she's on the show now. I have no idea what happened to the old trainer Jillian, but she appeared on Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D-List. She was at Kathy's Toys for Tots charity event and was apparently following Kathy around. As Kathy puts it, she was annoying and Kathy didn't know who she was. I thought it was funny. I've wondered if she was fired for being obnoxious ever since.

So then there's the challenge. It's very Survivor-esque. The pairs have to hold up a metal rod with one arm each. This rod is inside of a metal circle. If the rod touches any part of the circle at any point, the circle lights into a ball of flames, or whatever Caroline Rhea called it. Coincidentally, Caroline Rhea has been on My Life on the D-List as well, but not as an annoying troll, but as one of Kathy's only female friends. Anyway, I think Kai drops the ball first, not literally, and she and Eric are out. Then it's Heather and Bobby. Finally, something happens that was either Marty telling Wylie to let Pam and Brian have it, or Marty doing something stupid and accidentally tilting the rod too far. Anyway, Pam and Brian win a phone call home.. and video phone call. They both have small children.

Weigh-ins! Caroline says something about not dropping below the yellow line and because I was playing minesweeper while I was watching the show, I thought something weird was going on that involved raising and lowering them or something. Basically, they didn't want to be in the bottom two teams. Because, oh I didn't mention this.. an entire team is going home! So It's Pam and Brian in the bottom two because Pam's fear came true and she didn't lose that much weight again. And the other team was Kai and Eric because Eric gained 3 pounds. Shocker, yes. What we didn't know was Eric planned on slacking this week because he wanted to get the free pass out of the way and then kick a huge number next week. Smart game playing. Healthy? I'm not so sure. Bob doesn't respond to it in as pissed a manner as I thought he would. He was just like, hey, it's a game, or something.

So Kai and Eric use the free pass. No votes are shown. Pam and Brian go home. Sucks for Brian. He was biggest loser like three times or something. So we see that Brian has lost a lot of weight since getting home. He's also become a different person. His hair is short and his facial hair is either gone or very minimal. It's a huge change. Pam has lost another 25 pounds, which is nice. I think Jenn from episode 1 has seemed like the most drastic change of all the women bootees so far.

The big shocking preview ends up being.. basically a preview for next week. Caroline Rhea brings back six contestants that didn't make it onto the ranch. Three women, three men. The biggest losers of the bunch, top male and top female, will join the competition as a new team replacing Brian and Pam. There's a lot of bitching and moaning from everybody, especially Heather and Kai about how they didn't want to trade Pam and Brian who this. Boo hoo. I guess I see where they're coming from, but as a viewer, I LOVE this twist. It wasn't so much of a surprise since they're been telling us about it all season, but I'm really pumped. North Dakota chick looks so small. I don't know what she started at, but the girl doesn't look like she should be on a show called The Biggest Loser.

Next week we'll find out who's coming back.

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