Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Weekly Viewing Schedule

What I'm watching and when I'm watching it.. except when I'm at school, which is most of the year, I watch everything a day or two late because my TV access and time are limited.


-The Amazing Race: My favorites are Dustin & Kandace (the Barbies), and Mary, the funniest and most awesome contestant ever.
-Desperate Housewives: This show has gotten so strange, but I'm pretty faithful to my shows.
-Flavor of Love: This season is over and the best news I've heard in awhile is out.. New York is going to have her own show! Haha I love trainwrecks.

-CSI Miami: I've never liked "Horatio Caine" or how every show is about the Malanoche, but occassionally there's good stuff.

-Miami Ink: This show is amazing. It's one of those kick back and enjoy shows.

-America's Next Top Model: My favorite was Brooke but now that they've eliminated her for no good reason, I'm a hardcore CariDee fan. And I'm dealing with Jaeda because I want her to stay around long enough to break the record for most times in the bottom 2. Ann Markley (Cycle 3), Bre Scullark (Cycle 5), and Jade Cole (Cycle 6) hold the record of 5 times. Bre and Lluvy Gomez (Cycle 4) hold the record of the most consecutive times in the bottom 2, which is 3 times. (I really liked Lluvy even though her photos sucked.) I have faith in Jaeda to pull off a new record.. she's already at 3 and I forsee Eugena and a twin leaving before her.
-The Biggest Loser: I don't really ever have any favorites. I like how this is one of the only shows where everybody benefits hugely from being on it.
-Justice: We'll see how long this lasts.. they already pulled the "we're gonna have a three week hiatus because of sports programming."
-Top Chef: I like Betty, the pleasantly middle-aged woman. I cannot stand "Wolverine," aka Marcel. He's growing a Stephen vibe.
-CSI NY: This is the best CSI out there. It has just the right balance. Miami doesn't have interesting character development and Las Vegas is a little too complicated.

-Survivor: My favorites are Parvati, Yul, and Becky. Parvati is Morasca but even funnier and I like the duo of Yul and Becky.
-CSI: This show has so much history.

-Numb3rs: This is a feel good show for Saturdays when I don't want to do work.


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