Friday, November 03, 2006

Survivor Episode 8

Last week on Survivor:
Adam tells Cristina she sucks. In the challenge, Aitu kicks ass. Aitu votes out Cao Boi. Raro votes out Cristina. Ozzy is the only initial Aitu member remaining in the game.

This week on Survivor:
Flicka spends some time being paranoid. It's revealed that Ozzy can fly. He caught a freaking bird! He apparently "krept up on it and snatched it." Jonathan once again shows that he's really an animal lover and looks upset when they have to kill the bird. This surprises me once again. Yul snaps the bird's neck and they get to eat meat. Then a montage of Ozzy moments is shown and I'll bet if Nate saw this while he was over with Aitu, he'd be mad jealous. Aitu is eating good.

Reward Challenge:
Three swimmers have to take turns swimming to a platform, jumping off a ledge, breaking a plate to free a key, and retrieving that key in the water. Aitu chooses Ozzy, Candice, and Yul. Raro chooses Adam, Parvati, and Rebecca. Apparently, Brad is better at puzzles? Nate, who Aitu kidnapped but then chose to sit out in the challenge, is wondering why Brad isn't swimming. I wondered the same thing. A puzzle is a puzzle. And as we see later, Jenny is the puzzle master on Raro, not Brad.

Basically, Rebecca gets so exhausted and takes forever and a half and doesn't even get her key, which means Adam has to go get the key and doesn't get to break another plate in the process. Parvati and Candice rocked for their teams. I don't think I have ever seen two females cast in the "pretty young girl" role be so strong when it comes to competitions.

Aitu wins, which is no surprise. They get peanut butter and potatoes, which they chose as their prize in the case that they won. Raro had chosen peanut butter and bread, which they didn't get when they lost.

Adam is sent to Exile Island and it rains. It looked bad. I'm not sure whether it was as bad as the Danielle/Austin Sexile Island of last season, but it looked bad. And Adam didn't even get to have Candice there to huddle with. How sad.

People are karaoke-ing Headstrong in the room adjacent to me.

Immunity Challenge:
Nobody told me, but it appears that the theme of this week is puzzles. In this challenge, teams have to put together a step ladder out of long poles. Then, they have to all walk up the ladder to a platform. Three people have to one at a time go down a zip line into the water and each retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces. Yul, Candice, and Ozzy go for Aitu. Nate, Parvati, and Brad go for Raro. Raro is way behind at the zipline. Aitu starts the puzzle before the last Raro person is back with the pieces. Then, Jenny completely owns the puzzle, which looks pretty difficult, definitely more difficult that the Reward Challenge puzzle. She doesn't even seem to think about it. She just goes into autopilot and bam, bam, bam, it's over. Raro wins.

Back at Aitu camp, Flicka is paranoid. She talks about aligning with people who really just don't want to align with her. Nobody trusts Jonathan, but honestly, if people think the merge is coming up, they'd better try adding up 6 and 6 again. There's two more weeks until merge. They can get rid of Jonathan then. It's not like he's the biggest threat right now. Just crafty..

So the vote is 1 for Jonathan from Flicka and a million votes for Flicka from everybody else. Bye Bye Flicka. You are not My Friend.

Next Week on Survivor: Raro doesn't trust Brad. They all get a chance to "change the game forever." Yippee. I hear it's called Mutiny and they all get a chance to switch tribes. Which, no. Who in their right mind at this point would switch? I hope Candice doesn't switch just to be with Adam. Adam's demeanor reminds me of Howie Big Brother. I hear that someone does choose to switch. I don't read these spoilers though, so I don't know the details. We'll have to wait and see.

Until next time..

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