Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Desperate Housewives Episode 7

Anybody who hasn't been keeping up with Desperate Housewives this season really needs to watch this episode. It was almost as good as the two-part Grey's Anatomy bomb episode. I think I just like the suspense of impending doom or something. Anyway, what is this episode called? "Bang" maybe? Anyway, it's a little out of left field, but I feel like this season has finally gotten off the ground. The first few episodes were just bits of funny moments mixed with either really strange plotlines or really boring filler. This was good stuff.

What happened:
Bree told Carolyn, a former neighbor of Orson's back when Ulma was still around, that Carolyn's husband had been cheating on her with a stewardess named Monique. First thing I thought? That skank-hoe, I wonder if she peed on him (ANTM reference). This was after Carolyn was taunting Bree about being married to a wife-beater. Such pleasant housewives. So Carolyn storms into the local grocery store that her husband owns and basically holds everybody in the store hostage until her husband comes out, which he never does.

Before the actual hostage situation, there's a lot of little drama that goes on and people of interest who end up in the store include Julie Mayer, Austin (Edie's nephew), Lynette Scavo, and Nora (Tom's daughter's mother).. and Edie ends up in the locked room with Carolyn's husband. So Bree finds out who the crazy person is and feels awful like she should. Carolyn shoots Nora in the chest when Lynette mentions that Nora tried to seduce Tom. I don't think Lynette thought about what she was saying and to whom, but anyway, Lynette goes ballistic when Carolyn suggests Lynette wanted Nora to be shot. So Nora dies, but not before telling Lynette to take care of her daughter. Lynette says maybe Carolyn deserved to be cheated on. So Carolyn's about to shoot Lynette when the new next door neighbor who moved into Mary Alice's old house throws a can at Carolyn's head. The shot is still fired, but hits Lynette in the shoulder, keeping her alive. Austin tackles Carolyn when the gun falls from her hand and then this woman who was also in the store picks up the gun and shoots Carolyn in the head.

It'll be interesting to see what happens next episode. Gabby and Carlos basically seem like they'll end up back together when they finally realize what the viewing audience has seen all along. I wonder how Nora's daughter will respond to Lynette. I wonder how Bree will react to all this. And the new neighbor? An Applegate repeat waiting to happen? Will Julie and Austin hook up? Will Marcia Cross' pregnancy be covered up on the show or will she end up with another child on the show? Will Gabby and Carlos ever have a child? What about Mike Delfino? Who killed Monique? Why did Orson try to kill Mike?

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