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America's Next Top Model Episode 11

Last week on Bye Bye Little Boy:
Caridee won the acting challenge. The girls went to Barcelona. A male Spanish model did not like black women and told Jaeda as much. Caridee bombed the commercial, as did Jaeda. The two were in the bottom and Jaeda was sent home because Caridee is the future winner. Duh!

This week on Someone Really Has A Stick Up His Ass:
I missed the first five minutes of the show because I am currently at home-home, not school-home, and I have to make an effort to see friends who I haven't seen in months. This means I had to speed off at 7:55 to a friend's house to watch ANTM. Sad, but true. I even brought my notepad to take notes.

I have to say, I actually missed Jaeda this episode. She was funny. She brought something, I don't know what, to the show. Now it's gone and I definitely noticed. I had to mention it because it's so shocking. I miss.. Jaeda!? It happens.

When I arrived, the girls were in some strange room with some strange woman.. oh, that was Tyra. They were having a confessional-style Tyra chat. Tyra said a bunch of crap that I didn't catch because my friend was talking to me. They talk about how important it is to be headstrong or something.

TyraMail says something about who will go and who will stay. It basically tells us that it's go-see time! Yay! They have to get back by 6:00 pm or else they're disqualified. This should show us who has seen previous seasons, right? You HAVE to, HAVE to be on time.

Eugena and Caridee stick together. You know, ever since they arrived in Spain, I've begun to dislike Eugena less and less. This is probably because she'll be the third place finisher and it's a hint that she'll be around for awhile.

The twins surprisingly stick together as well. Shocker.

Melrose is by herself because she's the little engine that could. Or something.

There are various shots of some of the girls at go-sees doing their walks and etc. Caridee is berated for wearing a necklace. She should be a blank palate or something. Sweet.

The twins are lost. Completely lost. I don't know who the preview teaser was referring to throwing a tantrum, but I imagine it's the twins. At some point, Melrose has been to 3 places, Eugena and Caridee have been to 2 and the twins haven't been anywhere. Sad but true. Mostly sad because guess who will win a challenge again? How was I not surprised?

It took the twins an hour to find their first place and they take time outside fixing themselves up. Michelle goes first and she totally has a dead arm. Like the entire arm is hunched up and just so dead. Amanda is next and is said to have been better than her sister.

We see the girls as time is winding down and Cari, Eugena, and Melrose show up just in time. No surprise there. The twins are disqualified for being late and have to leave. The results are revealed and the only criticism I really caught was that Eugena has no personality. Haha. I'm shocked.

So Smelly wins again, for the 85th time. She picks Caridee because, well, there's really no other choices. Melrose doesn't like anybody left and nobody left likes Melrose. They get a gourmet dinner at their place. Eugena does her whole "I'm not upset I didn't win because that reward sucked" spiel. She's done this before and it's kinda funny. She's like being nosy trying to see what they're eating and then saying how disgusting the fish smells. Can it, woman.

TyraMail tells them something about bulls. I didn't catch it.

They arrive at a bull pen/rink/thing. Mr. Jay comes out looking ridiculous again. What are your pants, Mr. Jay? The bull comes out and then the other bull comes out. Nigel is their photographer this week.

Controversy of the week: Nigel is holding the stick that the girls will be modeling with. Caridee makes a comment about how Nigel pulled that stick out of his ass. I thought it was a funny comment. I can see how rude it was. It was rude. However, I think it was blown so out of proportion. Like whatever, really. I understand.. respect your superiors, blah blah. Nigel really does have a stick up his ass, though. Whatever.

Mr. Jay actually lectures them about being kind and stuff. Caridee immediately realized she screwed up and proceeds to semi-melt-down and looks distraught for the rest of the episode.

We see Eugena, who does some interesting poses. Amanda is awkward. At one point, the bull charges, and that messes with Amanda's game for the rest of the shoot. The twins have a tiff because Amanda doesn't want to talk about how she sucked and doesn't really want to give Michelle pointers either. Michelle does better than Amanda. Melrose isn't the star this time and it's great. She looks crazy. I've said it before.. girl looks psycho in some of her shots. Could those eyes please bug out more? Then Cari is totally a pin-up girl.

At judging, the picture shown of Tyra at the beginning is her dressed up as a bull. It's great. Then there's Miss Jay who looks like a bull today. He has sculpted his hair all bull-ish. And I didn't notice this until later, but what is Twiggy wearing on her head?! Hahaha. Oh, Twiggy.

The judging test is for every girl to say who has the most potential and who has the least. This is actually a test to see who watched the previous seasons. Recall season 4 when nobody said themselves for who had the most potential. The Miss Fabulous Brittany Brower joked about picking herself, but then chose someone else. Not this season, though. Good models study their Top Model history.

Melrose says of course she has the most potential. Her reason I don't remember, but it probably had to do with how she's fabulous. She says Eugena has the least potential.

Eugena says that she has the most potential because Top Model is a journey. She says Amanda has the least because.. well, because it's true.

Cari says of course she'll choose herself and that she agrees that Amanda has the least potential. I was so worried this entire time. Everything Caridee did I gritted my teeth to. I was really scared she was going.

Amanda then says she won't choose herself for most potential because she's not like that or something. Basically, didn't watch season 4. She says Caridee has the least potential because she's seen it before, it's been done. Hmmm. Wrong.

Michelle says Cari has the most potential because Cari's hott. She then proceeds to shove her foot in her mouth by saying she doesn't know who has the least potential because sometimes she thinks that's her. She sees girls here who really want it and she just doesn't have that same drive. She mentions that Brooke really wanted it and it sucked to see her so upset when she had to leave. It's true. Thanks for mentioning Brooke. I love Brooke. She was my faux-favorite until she left. She was the one I liked the most but knew would most likely not win. She was my Lluvy, my Furonda, my Norelle, my Jenascia. Caridee was my hardcore favorite after Brookie left. If you haven't yet, please check out for their awesome Brooke interview.

The judges like Smelly's photo, but they really like Eugena's. Tyra obsesses about Eugena's pose because Tyra could never do it. Not now with all those baked bean burritos, but not even back when she was superfly. Miss Jay just obsesses about how Eugena looks like him, or at least the picture from season 5 when he was chasing the girls in the treadmill photoshoot. They say Amanda's second guessing herself and the photo isn't great. Her face is shadowed in it. I don't like it either.

Then Caridee comes up with a letter written on a piece of lined paper. She reads off her thoughts about basically how sorry she is about what she said to Nigel. I really wish she would've just said what she felt instead of reading something she wrote beforehand. Either way, she's trying to right the wrong from earlier. Tyra says she heard about what happened and either the other judges didn't or they don't care. They don't really dwell on it too much. Personally, I think Miss Jay and Twiggy were sitting there thinking, "he totally has a stick up his ass." Haha. I hope.

In panel discussion, Tyra mentions that Michelle may have sacrificed herself for her sister because she knows Amanda wants it more even though Michelle is more naturally talented. This is the first intriguing thing Tyra's brought up in a long time, so I paid attention when I heard it. It's entirely possible and a very twin-like thing to do. Michelle totally threw herself under a bus during the judging test.

My friend and I had a bet.. not a real one, unfortunately.. on who would be called first. I said definitely Eugena because Tyra obsessed over how flexible she was. My friend said Melrose because they love her. I was right. Then they called Smelly. All the while, Caridee is fidgeting, looking restless and totally distraught. I am pretty much in the same state. Then, as a total shock of the century, they call Caridee third. Amazing. I was so relieved and so happy. First because Cari is safe and second because I've been waiting all season for the twins to be in the bottom 2 together.

My friend and I were chanting for the twins to be eliminated together and I really thought it might happen. However, Michelle is sent home because Tyra says passion is more important than good pictures. Is this why the winners never become actual models? Hmmm.

Michelle hopes this will fuel Amanda to really reach her potential. I think Amanda will shrink inwardly even more without her sister and will follow her exit next week.

Next week on Breakdown! Breakdown! Breakdown! :
There's dancing involved in the challenge. Smellrose breaks down when she's criticized and is not the best of the day. This is great. Then Caridee freezes in the pool during their photoshoot. Minor details. Maybe they're pulling another Danielle "look how brave I am, coming back from being sick and stuff." When did she go from being Danielle to being Dani? I missed that memo. Anyway, I say Amanda's going home. Caridee and Melrose are pretty much ensured spots in the finals and Eugena has to be there by default.

Until next time..

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