Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Biggest Loser Episode 9

I have decided that bullet points makes it extremely difficult to read. Let's try to nix that. Helps that for this week, I did not take notes. Also, I am writing these recaps from my home-home, not my school-home.

Last week on The Biggest Loser:
Adrian and Jaron returned to the game because they lost a gazillion pounds. Adrian threw a hissy fit or two, but not before both trainers showed how obviously upset they were that the producers made them look like fools. Heather was a b... herself this week and decided to gain four pounds so she could get rid of Bobby. They voted off Bobby.

This week:
Bob now only has two people to train while Kim has like six or something. I don't know why they think she's a better trainer. From what I see, she just doesn't push them to the point that Bob does. Not that Bob is all that awesome either. Well.. they show Wylie overtraining, and FORESHADOWING, anyone?

This week's challenge involves riding an exercise bike high in the air and every 2 miles a person reaches, they get to send someone down ten feet. After being sent down thirty feet, it is game over. The last person standing will win immunity for the vote. And this week is the first week it's an individual game.

So this challenge also apparently involved Adrian throwing a hissy-fit, Kai playing the sympathy card, but also Kai biking faster than anyone else. By the end of the challenge, Kai is two miles ahead of Eric and they're pretty neck-and-neck for the win. Whoever reaches their two mile mark first would be the winner. Kai pulls it out and wins the immunity. I don't like that people spared her because she was afraid of heights, but I do like that she won it being the person who biked the most.

Anyway, some other stuff happens that involves training and Adrian being upset.

At the weigh-in, the two people with the lowest percentage weight-loss for this week would be in the danger zone. Adrian and Jaron pull good numbers again. Eric pulls double digits. Heather gets a 7, which means she only lost 3 additional pounds to the four she gained last week. Wylie loses 0 pounds because apparently he worked out too much. Marty loses 8 pounds but is still below the yellow line, which is ridiculous and incredible.

At the judgement table, Adrian and Jaron vote for Marty. Heather and Kai vote for Wylie because they wanted him gone like a month ago. And because they say when you do poorly one week, the next week, you'll do amazing. Like Heather, who technically lost three pounds. That's how I see it, anyway. So it comes down to Eric to break the tie and everybody assumes it's Wylie who's going home. Incredibly, Eric votes for Marty, who he said he wouldn't vote for since the two of them are the only blues remaining. He says she wants to win the game. If you think about it, though, Marty lost 8 pounds and was still below the yellow line. This game may become harder for him, being one of the heavier yet more muscular players left. I don't think this would have been the last time in the danger zone for him.

Sorry, Marty, you are not the biggest loser. We are shown that Marty was the best teacher in the world. He lost an additional twenty-five pounds after going home. Awesome.

Next week on The Biggest Loser:
I don't think I saw the preview, but here's a guess. Bob is mad at Eric for voting out Marty. Adrian throws a hissy-fit. Heather and Kai are in the bottom two (I hope, I hope, I hope).

Until next time..

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