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America's Next Top Model Episode 10

Image of the week:

Last week on Anchal is a Trainwreck:
As a sidenote, everytime I try to type "Anchal," I end up first typing "Anchael" and then having to go back and fix it. It's like I always type "Padmas." Like my hands think I'm trying to type Michael and Christmas. Anway, so Anchal was a trainwreck. Melrose found a way to win the challenge without actually winning it. Caridee was great at hiding dizzily. Anchal ran out of the room. Tyra hates Eugena. So do I. Anchal got sent home.

This week on Models Make Great Actresses:
It appears this entry will be filled with sidenotes. We might as well begin with one. I have been watching Veronica Mars. I started watching the first season no more than a week and a half ago. I am currently on episode 16 of the second season. And nothing made me happier than when Naima and Kim appeared for their guest roles. I can't wait for Furonda to show up. Awww I miss Furonda.

So today as I was driving to the dentist, I was listening to my favorite local radio station for the first time in two months, the last time being before I went back to school (in California). So apparently Tyra was just on the early morning show and the clip that they keep playing of her is when they asked her what's her favorite question she's asked on her talk show. She totally says, "When you fart in a room, do you own up to it or pretend it wasn't you?" and they ask her what she would do and she's all, "If I was with my friends, I would tell them to get out that room cuz I just farted.. it's gonna stink! But if I was on a plane, like sleeping, I would pretend to wake up and look behind me like 'what's that smell!?'" Oh, Tyra. Maybe you should stop eating so many baked bean burritos, huh.

With that aside, let's talk about the show. I only watched it once because I was busy and mostly because sometimes some episodes upset me and I can't bare to watch them more than once. I've only seen the one where Brooke leaves once. That could also be because Fabio was on it. Eww, Fabio.

Speaking of Brooke, I recently bought the issue of Seventeen magazine that she, Smellrose, and the twins are in. Because I only buy magazines that have people from TV shows in them. Seriously. I'm waiting for the Elle with Jeffrey and Marilinda to come out so I can go buy it. Marilinda is best model on that show ever. I'm friends with her on myspace. Anyway.. so there's a little section in Seventeen on ANTM. It has the photos that we saw them take on the show. There's a page of inspiration quotes or some crap like that from the judges and other people. Then there's a large photo of the four of them showing us how to pose. There may be some advice on another page about how to pose well.

So Brooke looks adorable and fits right in with Seventeen. Her outfit's the best and she has on these amazing shoes. The twins look.. like each others, which means they look awkward. They have on weird outfits and Amanda's is less strange, I think. Then there's Melrose. She looks old and so out of place. Like who asked Brooke's older sister to come take pictures and pretend that she's not 33. I want to say Melrose is wearing a beret, but that might just be the permanent image of her in my head talking. In the large photo where they're supposed to be teaching us how to pose, they're supposed to be looking straight into the camera, appear inviting or warm or something.. basically, they're supposed to pose and look like they're models. Brooke looks like a model for Seventeen. The twins look a little awkward and a little too over-model-y for Seventeen. Melrose? She looks like she's going to kill someone. She has this dead stare like her eyes are trying to pierce through your soul. It's kinda amazing, especially because they were specifically showing us how to "model pose."

Back to the show. So the first big event I remember is a TyraMail that tells them basically that they're going to have acting lessons. They show up and it's the acting teacher they have every season, Tyra's friend.. I want to say her name is Tara? I don't know.. is she famous? Maybe I should know her. Anyway, she basically gets them to cry and say what they're feeling. Jaeda cries about her hair. I was shocked. Michelle says she doesn't know who she is or what she wants. Caridee breaks down and tells us that she was once suicidal. I was actually shocked to hear that. Then she's really upset and goes backstage to deal with the bomb she just unintentionally dropped about herself. What does Melrose do? She overdramatizes the pain that she feels when people tell her she's not good enough. Instead of talking about insecurities, she acts like a maniac, saying she always tries harder, does better, and she's tired of being criticized or something. Ummm..

The acting challenge is to act out a silent film. They have to do strange things like eat a lemon, which Jaeda apparently not only bites into, chews, but also swallows.. peel and all. They have to drink prune juice, which causes Michelle to get it all over her face and puke up back into the cup. Disgusting. The winner will be revealed soon, is all they get. The winner will have a small role on CW's One Tree Hill. Why not Veronica Mars?! Why?! I would have loved to see our winner on my new obsession of a show.

They get back to the loft. They find out by watching a tape that the winner is Caridee. The silent movie they have made is ridiculous. It's old-looking, completely absurd, and eventually Tyra appears. Surprise, surprise. The movie turns all Spanish on them and then Tyra does her whole I'm on TV one second, then I'm in the room the next! They're going to Barcelona!

Yay. They have the little gig where they have cutouts of the girls' faces and they bob around on this plane that takes them from the US to Spain. I love that. When they arrive, they get on a bus and drive around picking up random possibly racist Spanish male models. Something else might have happened, but they end up at dinner with the boys eventually and are told of their next challenge. They have to team up with a male model and do a commercial. Everybody is practicing except for Jaeda because her male model basically says he doesn't want to kiss her, which they eventually figure out is because he doesn't like black girls. Everybody is shocked and Jaeda is rightfully offended and a little confused as to how to respond.

I'll have to add, I have grown to like Jaeda over the past few weeks. She still has her issues of never getting over her hair issue, but I've started to find her funny and kinda likeable. Maybe because Brooke said in the CW interview that she and Jaeda were good friends. Anyway, I felt really bad for her, because honestly, this is not an issue that should be present in today's society. It just shouldn't.

The next morning, Tyra greets them and asks if they've all gotten to know their male models and stuff and we get the priceless picture above. Jaeda manages to pull off the most adorable little kid sad face ever. That totally won me over. Tyra's like, "You don't like your model, Jaeda?" and Eugena laughs and says, "He said he doesn't like black girls." And Tyra's all, nuh-uh, no he didn't! She says Jaeda will have to deal with it.

So they start shooting their commercials. The twins are their typical selves.. awkward and slightly boring. Eugena isn't great but does seem like she gives a shit, unlike every other episode before. Melrose is all over bubbly and obnoxious, which translates into a good commercial. Jaeda stumbles and gets frustrated and kinda gives up. Caridee looks totally high on something during hers. She pretty much looks like she does in the silent film from earlier, except it's totally inappropriate here. Her eyes are like at the top of her head, crossed, and her mouth is slightly open all the time like she's confused. It was pretty awful. Pretty hard to watch.

So judging. Was there a judging task? I don't remember. They basically skim over most of the girls. They tell Melrose how great she is and everything and she basically wets herself with excitement. They say Eugena's improved. They're disappointed with Jaeda and when they reiterate what her male model said, Miss Jay's response is total shock and disgust. They tell Caridee she bombed and she can't just rest on her challenge win. In the end, they call Melrose, Eugena, Amanda, Michelle.. Caridee and Jaeda are the bottom two. There goes my theory of Caridee and Jaeda in the final three. Jaeda goes home. I'm changing my pick to Eugena. Caridee, Melrose, Eugena final three. The only problem is that means the twins go one after the other. Maybe they're eliminated together. Ooh.

Next week on I Will Cut You, Tyra, If You Send Caridee Home:
Girls go on go-sees. The twins work together. The girls have funky hair in the photoshoot again. Caridee says something to Nigel that Tyra says was "rude." This preview is leaning towards a Caridee downfall. If this was an Amazing Race preview, I would say Caridee is obviously safe next week. Unfortunately, I don't think Tyra is smart enough to think up a misleading preview. After they cut Brooke, I wanted to jump through the TV screen and slap Tyra. If they cut Caridee.. then this whole show is one big charade. One big charade that I will continue to watch, but still..

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