Monday, November 20, 2006

Survivor Episode 10

Last week on Jonathan is an Idiot and Aitu Hates Candice:
Candice and Jonathan chose to mutiny and switch over to Raro, thus sealing Raro's fate of never winning again. Aitu was furious at the two idiots and fueled their anger into two challenge wins. They sent Candice to Exile and then the entire Raro tribe to Tribal Council, where Brad was voted off and became the first member of the jury.

This week on Raro Sucks Balls:
In the little segment that they now have before the intro music, there's a disgusting scene with Candice and Adam kissing in the shelter. Disgusting because first of all, they're filthy and smelly. Also because I chose to watch Survivor, not the Bachelor. Not that either of them would make it on Bachelor anyway.

Before the Reward Challenge, tribes are given a slab with nautical flags to memorize. Each flag corresponds to a letter and we see Aitu quizzing each other. They seem to know their flags very well because we see Ozzy describing one and then naming the letter. In this reward challenge, tribes have to split into two pairs that have to take turns each finding the correct coordinates with a compass to dig up a burried treasure chest. Aitu has Yul and Sundra together and Ozzy and Becky. Raro has Candice with Adam and Jonathan with Jenny. This is stupid because Adam and Candice will not be able to focus well together.

Jeff gives each team their first coordinates and they're off. Right away, Jonathan and the rest of the team have a dispute over what the correct coordinates are that Jeff just told them. Aitu gets their first chest quickly and soon they're ahead of Raro. The teams proceed to demonstrate why Aitu is doing so much better than Raro. Aitu sits there patiently encouraging each other while Raro moans, bitters, and whines. At one point, Adam and Candice are bringing a chest back and Jenny and Jonathan run off before the other pair touches the mat and Jeff calls them on a technicality. Jenny and Jonathan have to run back to the mat and then run toward the compass. It's a giant waste of time and really funny.

Aitu gets all four treasure chests and starts untying them. They work extremely efficiently and quickly spell out "Victory" with the nautical flag symbols. Aitu wins reward! Their reward is to be sent out to join locals (or paid actors who look ethnic) in a feast and celebrations.

This is where Becky has her first confessional ever. It's a turning point in the game, I'm telling you. She describes what they see as they arrive to the village. A big regal-like man greets them by chanting/yelling and they just stand there waiting to see what will happen. What does happen is they are each carried on these bamboo (?) chairs by locals and brought to a feasting area. All the while they are chanting/singing and Aitu members are clapping along.

They're given food to each and the girls start dancing with the locals, which is cute. Then two rather plump ladies grab Yul and sandwich him between them as they dance. It's the best moment ever. When he's free, Yul kinda hides, curled up on the ground, trying to avoid being attacked again. Everybody thinks it's hilarious, especially those two ladies.

We see them eating, having fun, and we see Becky kiss a local child on the head, which is very cute. Okay, here's my theory on Becky, and why/how she's misunderstood on this show. My impression of her is that she's a very thoughtful, very intelligent girl. She's a girl of few words, but you can always see on her face that she's thinking. Some of these other people (Adam, Nate) have blank looks on their faces and you know the only thoughts they have are "Duh..." Becky is not very animated or talkative so she's not shown very often, but I can guarantee the five words that come out of her mouth per every hundred that come out of Nate's mouth.. Becky's five words speak volumes while Nate's hundred are just filling air.

Oh, so Aitu sent Candice to Exile again, which is wonderful. When Jeff asks them, they all say Candice on the count of three. Excellent. All we really see of Candice on Exile is her being sad and lonely. "It's hard to see that people who you like want to see you suffer." Well, Candice, it's also hard to see people that you liked jump ship and abandon your team.

Back at Raro camp, Jonathan has caught like twenty fish and attached them to the front of his pants. It's a rather disturbing sight, but he doesn't seem to notice as he comes back to camp all excited, pulling fish left and right out of his pants. He says this is proof that he's a worthy part of the tribe. Which, with Raro's way of reasoning things, seems like a good enough reason to keep him around. Oh, and by the way, the entire episode, Rebecca looks like she could care less about being there.

Before the Immunity Challenge, tribes are given treemail that has a big map of the islands that encompass the area of the Cook Islands. Raro figures out that maybe they should memorize them. Hmmm. Parvati tries to teach them to Rebecca. And Rebecca? Could care less. Haha. Oh, I'll talk about Parvati later. I think she's hilarious.

The IC involves four members taking turns swimming out to a box in the water, diving down, and unclipping tiles. After all four have done so, they will have to use the tiles to match up with islands on a map. Once they've matched all correctly, that team wins immunity.

Raro has Nate, Jonathan, Parvati, and Rebecca. Who decided to sit out Rebecca last challenge? Don't sit her out if the challenge doesn't involve water. Chances are the next challenge might. Idiots. Had they sat out Candice, she would have been able to do this challenge. Who are the two best female swimmers? Parvati and Candice. With Candice in this challenge, Raro would have been able to get their four bundles of tiles before Aitu, I'm certain. However, Candice would not have seen the treemail map and therefore would not have been able to help with the final part of the challenge.

Anyway, Ozzy and Yul help Aitu pull ahead. Becky and Sundra both give it their all, but are significantly slower than Parvati is. Parvati catches Raro up a bit and then Rebecca gives it a try as well and doesn't do horribly. However, the little time extra that Aitu had allows them to finish the puzzle before Raro's really been able to look at the map for more than a few seconds. Aitu wins immunity!

At the beginning of the challenge, Jeff announced that whichever tribe (named Raro) lost would have to take back with them a bottle with a note in it. They had to keep the bottle sealed until after the tribal council vote. Raro takes it back to camp with them and there's a lot of stupid guesses about what the note would say. Various idiots mention a buffet, a merge, individual immunity but no merge, a merge but no individual immunity.. you know, stuff that makes no sense. Parvati mentions it's going to be something bad or else they would have given it to the winning tribe. Bingo! That's right, Parvati. Exactly. The rest of the tribe looks confused.

Here's my theory (and many others believe it as well) about Parvati. She's much more intelligent than she lets on. She's smart enough to know what cards to play. I would dare to say she is one of the players currently who have the most control in the game. Someone on a forum called her an enigma, and that's exactly it. She knows what she's doing and nobody else does. She's never the reason they lose and she's never been a target. At first I thought maybe nobody mentioned her name because they couldn't figure out how to say it, but at this point, nobody says it because there's no reason to. I think she's brilliant. I also think she will be the one to mastermind Adam's departure. She knows there's no use to Jonathan's "all-white alliance" plan if Adam and Candice are so tight. She doesn't want to ride in the back seat; she wants to be the driver. I have faith that she will go far.

So they discuss getting rid of Rebecca because she hasn't done anything at camp or at the challenges and she couldn't care less. Adam mentions to Candice that after that, Jenny needs to go because she's a threat. Also, at the RC, when Aitu was told that Brad was voted off, Yul blantly showed his disappointment. If Raro picked that up, they would know that Yul and Becky would be interested in joining up with Jenny once they merged.

So at tribal, Brad shows up in the jury, all dressed up. Everybody laughs in a friendly way when they see him all groomed and nice looking. Brad looks like he holds no grudges and is just there to have fun. The first vote is done and Rebecca is voted off pretty unanimously. She waves and is gone. There is no goodbye speech of her. I wondered if maybe she would be brought back next episode. Just an off-the-wall idea. It would be quite a twist is she was brought back to join Aitu next week. Hmmm..

Then Parvati the Enigma opens the bottle and read the note. They have to vote off another person. Most of the people look stressed out and worried and Parvati just kinda looks like, "Well shit. That sucks." Hahaha. This girl is running the game, I tell you. If she doesn't try to work with Aitu when they merge, it'll be a shame.

The next person to be voted off is Jenny and she's pissed. She had no chance to strategize and she says she would have made sure of her own safety if she'd known she would be in danger. Well, life sucks when you agree to vote off the people you should be aligned with, huh? That's too bad because if Rebecca and Jenny had tried to align with Aitu post-merge, it would have made for an interesting game. Unfortunately, we're stuck with Adam and Candice, power-alliance couple. Boo.

Next week on The Hidden Immunity Idol Gets A Mention:
Yul tells Ozzy they might be able to turn this game upside down. I hope Yul has the balls to use the HII unlike Terry, the non-strategist, who was too scared to use it on anybody but himself. If Yul is able to turn the beat around (haha), he can successfully get his Aitu 4 to the final four. I hope this turns out good. If Aitu is picked off one at a time, this show will get very boring, very fast. I somehow don't see Yul letting Becky get voted off. I think he would use the HII on her. It would be a risk, but totally worth it. We'll see.

Until next time..

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