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The Biggest Loser Episode 10

Last time on The Biggest Loser:
Adrain threw a hissy fit. Kai biked really hard. Wiley didn't lose any weight. Eric and Marty were the only blues left. Eric voted out Marty.

This week on A Rather Uneventful Episode:
We knew it would be a big deal and it is. Eric has to face Bob after voting out Marty. As expected, Bob throws a tantrum. Here's the thing that I don't like about this show. The trainers aren't strong enough. It's like I want Bob and Kim to be these strong, unbreakable, reasonable forces. I want them to give the correct advice all the time and I don't want them to be part of the drama. I guess, in a way, I want them to be Tim Gunn. Which they aren't and will never be because nobody can measure up to Tim. However, they're just as much part of the drama as the contestants.

Bob even breaks down and says he has to see all of these people leave every week and it sucks. And no matter how Eric tries to explain it, Bob doesn't get it. Maybe it's the Truman Show. Everybody but Bob knows that this is a TV show.. it's a game. Eric was playing smart. It's true that it could have been a big challenge and great competition to be at the end with Marty, but if Eric wants to win, Marty's someone that needed to go sooner rather than later. Anyway, Bob finally decides to completely forget that he's mad at Eric and they start training really really hard.

So they arrive at some horse racing place.. what's that called? I don't know. They arrive for their challenge. Each of them will have to strap on weights that represent each amount of weight they lost in the preceding weeks. Then, they have to run around like they're horses in a derby and drop off the weight that corresponds to each week in respective barrels. First to cross the finish line wins a visit from home.

I think this is a great challenge, perhaps the best they've had. I really like to idea to putting the old weight back on so that they know just how much they've changed. Eric has to put on 100 pounds! That's crazy. Not only should this show them how much heavier they once were, but this should also show them how much stronger they are now. None of them could've ran this race on day 1. Now they're all here giving it their all and running with the amount of weight they carried when they started. I think it's great. If anything will shock them into being afraid of going back to how they were before, this will.

Heather can't race because she hurt her ankle. Maybe the karma fairy came by and made a pothole appear in front of her when she was walking. I don't like Heather. She's the one that yelled at Jenn on the first episode. That was so mean. Jenn's probably lighter than Heather is now. I remember seeing her clip from home and she looked like she lost a lot of weight.

Anyway.. so the front runners in this race seem to be Wiley, Jaron, and Adrian. Wiley and Adrian both at one point miss when they toss their weight into a barrel and have to run back and put it in. This makes them lose valuable time and Jaron ends up winining, with Adrian just seconds behind him. I'm surprised that everybody knew exactly how much they had lost each week. I'm also pretty pleased that the two at-home contestants did the best in this endurance challenge. It shows that while being at the ranch helps everybody a lot, perhaps Bob and Kim aren't the best at building endurance. Or at least, two people did better at building endurance at home than the four at the ranch did. Sucked for Eric having to carry so much weight, but Jaron was carrying almost as much and he rocked.

There's a lot of filler, or there must be, because I don't remember what else happened. Jaron's wife Tara arrives and says how proud she is of Jaron. Everybody seemed only mildly interested that she's around and nothing exciting happens. There's a lot of Bob/Eric time where Bob talks about how Eric is working to keep not only himself on the ranch, but Bob as well. There's a lot of foreshadowing that tells us Eric will actually pull a huge number and not be in danger.

At the weigh-in, we find out how hardcore this competition really is. It isn't about being consistent in losing weight. It's about being consistent in losing a lot of weight. I never watched the first two seasons completely, but I've seem most episodes.. enough to know that contestants were never losing this much weight so late in the game. This is amazing. Kai does really well, making herself the woman who's lost the most weight as far as numbers go. Jaron does well. Wiley pulls a gazillion pounds or something, after losing nothing last week. Heather gets a 5, which is typical of her, but not enough for this week. Adrian gets 2, which is better than nothing, and nothing to snort at being at the weight she's currently at. She pisses and moans about how she'll always be the chunky girl or something. Which, look around you.. see anybody smaller than you? No. Go away.

Eric is last and he gets the whole extreme dramatic edit for the week. Eric has lost 12 pounds, which makes his weight lost for the past three weeks almost the same as Heather's total weight loss. Not that the two of them started at the same weight. But this is huge. Eric is in the 200's and it makes him really happy. That's awesome. He's gone from 400-something to 200-something. He's lost the most weight anybody's lost on this show. Really? Suzy from last season got tiny. And the guy who won the voted-off players challenge lost a lot too. Either way, that's great for everybody.

Bob finds out that Eric is amazing and he's thrilled. Kim looks worried, but then she finds out Adrian is in the bottom 2 and we all know Kim doesn't love Adrian like a child like she loves her originals. More like a stepdaughter. Too bad. Kai votes for Adrian because Heather is her heart or something. No wonder she's so cold-hearted. Jaron votes for Heather because Adrian is of his kind. Either Wiley or Eric votes for Adrian, I don't remember. Anyway, Adrian has to go home and we don't see the last vote because the tiebreaker in this game once it's down to individuals is whoever lost the least percentage of weight goes home.

In Adrian's post-show clips, I think she's gained a couple pounds. She looks good, though, so whatever. Whatever, Adrian.

Next week on The Biggest Loser:
It's a two-hour show, so I think it's the finale? I'm not sure. Anyway, there's one more cut before the final weigh-in and Eric has to go for it as hard as he can to pull another huge number. At the final four, contestants will return to their homes and continue working out there before they all return to have their final weigh-ins. This is the best part. I love before and after shots of anything. Whether it's makeovers, weight loss, home remodeling, whatever. It should be good.

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