Friday, December 08, 2006

The Biggest Loser Episodes 11 & 12

Last time on An Episode I Don't Remember:
Something with weights. Adrian got canned.

This week on The Biggest Public Service Announcement:
So some places have referred to this long episode as two separate episodes, so I will as well. It was more like one real episode and one hugely rather unnecessary PSA. Of course I am glad they did something nice for their hometown communities, but really, I'd rather have seen the finale. I thought tonight would be the finale and this only means that during finals week, I will have the temptation of all these finales all over the place. TAR is having its finale right before my take home final is due and Biggest Loser is on right before I have to get up early for a two-final day. Boo on that.

In other news, Biggest Loser is going to high schools. Namely, Kim's alma mater and also Matt Hoover's. Matt was last year's Biggest Loser. Now I understand wanting to involve the past winner, but really, does this just mean that Bob didn't go to high school? And Matt, by the way? Has beefed up. He looks like he lifts a thousand pounds all the time when he works out. Crazy.

I don't want to cover this huge PSA, but I will say, I thought Kim couldn't count because I remember Bob saying he would have a team of five kids, and then Kim had six with her. Then I realized, oh.. looks like only five brave souls from that school wanted to contend with Bob.

That's it for "Episode 11."

This week on Was Suzy's Dream Always To Be That Ditsy Blonde Chick That Every Guy Slept With In High School?:
That's the longest title yet. Anyway, this entire episode is one big montage of everything that's already happened. It's like the reflection episode or something. There's a lot of tears. And I finally realized that I don't necessarily hate Kai. I think she's probably a good person. Heather though? Is annoying. She's always yelling at someone.

Oh, and I love how when they recapped all the fallen non-losers from this show that Jenn who was cut first is one of the people in better shape now. I think if Jenn would have stayed longer, I would have liked her. She didn't seem like the type to put up a good fight, but she wouldn't have been annoying like Heather. And Heather? Guess what.. you don't actually have a chance in winning this. I have a feeling you're not a Suzy. You won't magically become like 110 pounds. You'll probably even out at 130-ish 140-ish. Not that that's a problem at all. I would like to be that weight. It's just, really, Kai is one who has a good chance. She's the one that might have a chance at being the first female Biggest Loser.

So they have this faux challenge in which nobody wins anything. Or I guess as the trainers would put it, everybody wins. Oh, but first, in a weird segment, the contestants get to train the trainers. Which didn't seem like it was that exciting to me. Because don't trainers do this all the time? You won't be able to break them down. Anyway..

The challenge is a triathalon and it's supposed to be a reflection on how they wouldn't have been able to do this when they first got on the ranch. They all decide to do it together instead of racing to win. Which is nice. Except when Heather can't run because of her knee, only Kim and Kai stick with her and the boys run with Bob.

Blah, blah, everybody's so much thinner. At the weigh in, everybody pulls big numbers. Heather pulls a 7 out of her ass. I don't know how because she hasn't been able to run at all. Eric pulls a 12, putting him square into the finals. Here's the thing with Eric. At a healthy weight, he would probably weigh close to as much as the other men. However, he started at a way higher number. If he can get down to the same weight as Wylie at the final weigh-in, then he'll have the biggest percentage by far. It'll be nice. I like Eric. He should win.

Anyway, Kai only loses 4 pounds and Jaron loses 7, which put the two of them in the bottom 2. Of course, they all keep their initial group strong and kick out Jaron. The final four are Eric, Wylie, Heather, and Kai. I would have rather seen Pam here over Heather. That girl didn't make excuses. She pushed herself hard.

We don't even get to see an after-the-ranch interview segment of Jaron. Instead, the final four head home and we see the first glimpses of them being welcomed by family.

Next week on The Biggest Loser Finale:
They hint at one contestant perhaps failing to continue their weight loss plan. They suggest that it's Kai who has the dilemma, so I'll go out on a limb and say she's the winner. If there is actually news, I would say maybe someone's pregnant or something. I hope Eric comes back completely unrecognizable. He's such a trooper.



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