Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yoanna House

So back when I set this blog up, I put a statcounter up to see if anyone was visiting. Since then, I've obviously lost interest for quite some time and I recently just remembered I had the counter up. So I checked it and apparently a lot of people have been led to my blog through searching for the terms "Yolanda" and "Top Model" and the reason they've been directed towards my blog by google is because I once had a post about Top Model that also included several small updates on other reality shows/events. I mentioned the Women of Reality awards or whatever that was, and Yolanda from The Amazing Race was on that.

So to all the people who will continue to stumble onto this blog in search of "Yolanda" from Top Model, I would like you to know that you are probably looking for Yoanna House, the winner from Cycle 2. Unless there's a Yolanda from another country's Top Model. Anyway, hopefully those searching for information on Yoanna will now know her full name and be able to re-google her correctly.

I am so not done with this blog, by the way. The Mole was revived, so I have likewise decided to revive this blog. Hopefully after I get through finals and graduation, I will still remember and continue to post. Mole thoughts to come soon. A friend suggested I do a Molecast, which would be fun and exciting for me, but I figure there's nothing especially interesting about my voice or manner of speaking that a podcast would be more effective than a simple blog. Plus, I'm sure I'd rather look back on my thoughts in the future by reading than by listening. Anyway, I think I should probably end this post with these thoughts.. Dreams can come true :) Welcome back, The Mole.


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