Tuesday, March 13, 2007

America's Next Top Model Season 8 Episodes 1-3

This season on The Return of Jaslene:
So I loved Jaslene during her audition last season because she was such a drag queen and pretty much just a ball of excitement and hilarity. Now she's back! Yay!

I have three hours of Top Model madness to cover here, so we need to just get some basics down first. As in who I like, who I don't like, and who I want to punch in the face.


I really like her. I think she's stunning and hilarious, so there's my pick. That clip of her imitating Kathleen and Natasha is spot-on and awesome. I noticed in the third episode (second episode technically, but we count the first one as two separate episodes because of the distinct split between the two hours and the fact that they usually give it two separate episode titles) that she sometimes has really good moments and sometimes not-so-good moments. I think she'll really benefit from the makeover, what with her sewn-on wig and all. Yeah, I think she's really down-to-earth and funny. Hope she stays on for a long time.. and of course I hope she wins.

I love Jaslene because she's really funny. She does that scarf around the head thing that CariDee did a couple times last season. I don't really care if she's really confident this season and knows that she's one of the best. I think like most of the girls, she's had confidence issues in her life and she's finally having people tell her how amazing she is and how gorgeous she is.. it must feel good and I'm fine with it.

She's pretty annoying, but at least she's not that great of a model and will probably leave soon. I do think it's great that they found a way to get a mail-order bride onto the show, though. I think she'll end up getting canned because she just doesn't get it. Kinda like Kathleen..

She's thinks she knows everything in the world. She's a bit of a Melrose. I don't know.. she doesn't seem like she'll have that much range. I can't wait to see if Tyra loves her or hates her because she does the same thing as Tyra all the time. You know, Tyra likes to starts talking about herself whenever she feels like it. They'll be talking about someone's confidence issues or something and then Tyra will say, "You know what? That's like how I went to Paris when I was seventeen and was discovered and became an amazing model." Like, thanks Tyra.. back to the point.

So annoying. Shut up, Renee. Shut up. It's like she's Surya. Just shut up. Here's what I think: Renee is very uncomfortable with where she is in life. She's twenty, married, and has children. She's probably regretting losing her youth and having to be so responsible now instead of being able to party with other people her age. She always seems really scared and insecure and I think she finds it easy to talk smack at the camera or to other girls who are also insecure. So, Renee? Stop crying all the time. Just stop.

Eh, more later. I'm listening to a podcast and it makes it impossible to think and type coherently.



At 3:33 AM, December 31, 2008, Blogger joy said...

"Americans Next Top Model" is the best reality show! I was entertained 99.9 percent of the time watching it.I kept my eyes open the entire time. (well, I did blink) It can be sad, funny, or addicting.

At 4:02 AM, January 15, 2009, Blogger janes said...

America's Next Top Model is reality television without pretensions.It is a great reality show in every sense. It has a great hostess, has great guests, a great production and some of the best professionals of the modeling world.


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