Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Royally Screwed

Last time on When I Wasn't Screwed:
I know I am way behind on recaps. At least I acknowledge that. For whatever reason, I am still oblivious of the fact that this week sucks and I need to do my work. Finals are creeping up in that skeevy way they do every quarter and spring fever is setting in way too early. Spring Fever- def: When the spring weather makes it impossible for me to do anything productive ever, yet I hardly spend any time outside either.

So I have to go to sleep like two hours ago. I'm writing my entire paper tomorrow, and that's the definite plan. Recaps will have to come when they can. Just to keep track and make myself feel bad, this is how behind I am:

- American Idol: First two weeks of semifinal action. I started the recap for the first week, but it got boring, so I never finished.
- The Amazing Race: Episodes 2 and 3.
- The Apprentice: Episode 7. I haven't seen it yet, though.
- Survivor: Episodes 3 and 4.
- America's Next Top Model: Episode 1.

Before I go to sleep under my bed, in my cave (I've been really strange lately), I just need to get out some of my feelings about the Top Model premiere.

This season is looking like it will be an awesome one. Both Renee and Natasha are really annoying but also funny and easy to make fun of. There are two plus-size models because of Tyra's recent tirade, yet Tyra's slimmed down since last season. It looks like she's listened to viewers and has gone with straighter, longer hair and nixed the tight shirts cinched right under the boobs.

Kathleen was hilarious, but unfortunately is now gone. I also really liked Melissa, who was cut out of the final 13. I swear I have seen that girl somewhere before. It's killing me trying to figure out where.

Jaslene is back! And looking fierce as ever. I love her.

Cassandra is gorgeous and is probably one of very few ever that I've had to say that every time she comes on the screen. Okay, she looked ridiculous in the interview segment with the yellow and the blue and the red circus parade. It's hilarious that she sewed a wig in. However, she is stunning. Imagine what she's going to look like after the makeover. She's got to be my favorite. Surprising how little time it took to establish that.


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