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Survivor Episode 7

Last time on Drop 'Em:
The tribes were all mixed up. One tribe had all men and one tribe was significantly more awesome. Lisi got sent to Exile Island for like the entire episode because she sucks. The new Ravu Men tribe was mean to Anthony. The immunity challenge was called "Who Can Fit Through Small Spaces" and Moto won because Michelle and Yau-Man both weigh a buck fifty. Ravu sent Anthony home but not before Rocky humiliated himself and the rest of the human race by being awful to Anthony.

This week on Yau-Man Takes On The World:
Lisi comes back from Exile. She tells the guys that she lost her mind at the tribe switch and said some things she didn't mean. So she takes back what she said about wanting to go home but doesn't take back how awful she was to Dreamz and Cassandra. Which, since I didn't get to recap that episode.. how awful was that? It appeared very racist, whether or not that's where it actually stemmed from, and was just downright rude. Cassandra is a nice lady and Dreamz is actually growing on me. I think he's just loud, but actually a good-hearted guy.

On the better tribe's side, Yau-Man and Earl continue their scheming to find the idol. Earl takes everybody off to find the boat, which stupid old Moto tribe left in the middle of nowhere. Michelle makes this observation and asks them why they were stupid. Anyway, meanwhile, Yau-Man is digging like a fiend. He finds the HII and gets really excited, which is awesome. He covers his tracks nicely and doesn't look suspicious when everybody else comes back. He goes on a walk with Earl and tells him the news.

And here starts the first season where the HII is used cleverly to manipulate the game. We are introduced to the idea of sharing the idol. Yau-Man will hold onto it. If Earl is in danger, he will give it to him. Otherwise, if he himself is in danger, he'll just use it. This totally changes the idea of trust and loyalty in this game. It's great. Plus I like Earl and Yau. They both seem like good guys. Earl has really impressed me as one of the first strategic leaders who's been really reasonable and diplomatic. Yul was probably the first to really do this well, but he did not use the HII wisely. There were many steps he could have taken after threatening Jonathan with it that could have made for a really exciting show. Earl, I feel like, is really taking a risk. He's letting Yau hold onto something they both worked to get. I like it.

So the reward challenge is "Who Has Great Balls of Fire" and the answer the team of all guys and Lisi. They have to throw balls of fire onto targets. In a great series of shots, Mookie is making fun of Yau and then Yau hits a target. Let's just see who gets farther in this game, how about that, Mookie. I wish Yau and Earl would've found the other HII before they switched tribes. How awesome would that have been? Hahaha.

So Ravu wins a tribe to an arcade, which, what the hell? They send Earl to Exile and instead of being stupid and saying something about not needing any more clues, Earl just trucks off begrudgingly.

Ravu is flown to their arcade where they first eat hot dogs and cheese and brownies and beer. Everybody feels sick except for Rocky. Even though Rocky is the smart one here with not pushing his food intake too far, he goes and shows how little self-awareness he really has. He taunts everybody else and picks on them for eating too much. It's really annoying. And Lisi's also in this scene, which makes it even less entertaining. They play their little games and the guys all talk about how Lisi's like a guy. Blah. Blah.

Back at camp, Yau has made his own HII and buried it where he found the real on. He uses the original cloth and rope to repackage the fake idol, which is smart. This is great because it's what the viewers have been saying for the past few seasons. It's really funny how Yau tells us about it too. Too many immunity idols running around.

Immunity challenge.. This is one of my favorite episodes so far and one of the reasons is because I love the blindfold challenges. I would hate participating because I would get so dizzy. But it's amazing to watch. Anyway, they have to run out one at a time with a caller leading them toward a hanging skull. They have to bash the skull with their skull-bashing tool and then pick up the puzzle-pieces bundle that was inside. They have to take that to a table and then run back, all while they're still blindfolded. They can switch out callers at any time, but I'm assuming only if the new caller has already gone?

Michelle and Lisi start out as the callers and Michelle is once again good at this, while Lisi isn't as much. Michelle leads her team around smoothly until Boo doesn't know which way is left. We get to see Alex swinging really hard at a skull that is swinging back and forth. We get to see Boo swing really really hard at the air. We get to see Dreamz's magic skull-bashing moves.

And of course, we get to see Michelle fall off. Which is hilarious. I love Michelle and I think she's awesome, but how hilarious was this? She's the one that's not blindfolded and yet manages to fall off the platform she's standing on. She kind of laughs embarrassingly and climbs back up and then gets mad when Yau can't hear her and keeps going. She does this little kid things where she stomps her foot and yells, "Yau, Stop!" Haha. And then Boo takes over. Oh, did I mention Boo went back to the starting line by going backwards and smacking the railing behind him? Hahaha.

Moto is the first to take off their buffs and head to the puzzle table. Ravu is shortly behind, however. Somebody on Moto says it might be "Castaway" something. Then Stacey says, "Where's Michelle?" because apparently Michelle is the Jenny of this season. Then, Michelle, who wasn't even paying attention, is like, oh, it's time to activate my super powers. She turns around and looks at the puzzle and immediately says it's Cannibal. And of course she's right and they get Cannibal Isles soon after and win immunity.

I found that pretty funny. Probably mainly because I'm a huge Michelle fan and am sometimes amazed at how good she is at stuff. She was the one that caught them up in the first immunity challenge by being fast at untying the knots. In the second immunity, she was unwinding or winding something and did it really efficiently. She made fire. That alone is amazing. Anyway, I found the entire immunity challenge to be hilarious. Blindfolded people running around whacking at air. Michelle falls off the podium. Then the team appears to set up a puzzle while Michelle isn't paying attention, and then when she looks at it, she picks out the answer right away.

Anyway, Moto wins immunity again.

Back at the Ravu camp, at some point, Lisi tells some of the guys about the HII clues. And even though she's had more clues than Earl and Yau did when they figured out where the idol was buried a few episodes back, she seems to still be unclear. How much more clear do they have to make it? "Dig under the highest point of the opening of the cave. Use a shovel. Dig four feet into the ground. It is wrapped in cloth and is shaped like a turtle. Here, let me just give it to you." Stupid. Lisi and the HII compared to Yau and Earl is like Becky and Sundra making fire compared to Michelle. Yes, I am still amazed that a girl who could not stand up without falling over made fire with glasses. When two decently well-fed girls could not make fire with flint or matches.

So they've discovered that Rocky sucks. He's sexist, maybe a little racist, and has no self-awareness at all. He's annoying. They decide to get rid of him. Rocky, of course, thinks they're voting out the girl.

Rocky is voted out at tribal and it's beautiful. He's apparently the first member of the jury.

Next time on Survivor:
I don't know. A whole bunch of people search for the Ravu HII. Michelle is surprisingly really good at another challenge. I made that up, but it'll probably be true. Lisi gets voted off. Because Ravu sucks and Lisi is annoying. Who else would they get rid of?



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