Friday, June 08, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20

Last season on So You Think You Can Dance:
The judges took a chance with Ivan and we were given the chance to watch an amazing transformation. Ashlee was cut for no good reason, which pissed me off. Looking back at the competition now, Travis and Allison should have been the final 2. And in other news, I think everyone knows it's about time a girl won, and I think the judges will really push that this season.

This week on Apparently You Just Need to be Related to Someone from a Previous Season:
I don't really understand the cuts. From what I hear, what actually happened with the group cut at the beginning of the show was they were cut right at the end of Vegas Week. Then, the others were sent home and brought back weeks later. They wanted to make it seem like it was the same day, so they all had to wear the same clothes.

I don't understand how they made their decisions, though. First of all, why the hell do we have THREE ballroom girls? Why? Let's break this down. Because they couldn't cut Anya, because she's the best one. Then there's Stanislav's sister and Benji's sister. Apparently this is college admissions and you get legacy points. That is bull. Faina has the same cocky look as Stanislav. I don't know if that's just their facial structure or what, but I cannot see America liking her any more than they did Stanislav. Also, what is with the women connected to Stanislav passing out all the time?

Don't even get me started on Lacey.

My favorites? I love Lauren Gottlieb. I don't want to call her Misha or whatever it is she goes by. What's wrong with the name Lauren? I think by default I already prefer the b-girl, Sara. As for guys, I've always loved Hok. I really wish it was Twitch instead of D-Trix, though. Also, now Travis has a brother, too? I don't understand. If he's such as ass and if Lacey's so full of herself, why are they here?

Interesting.. there's another Ashlee. That's three seasons of girls who don't spell their named the typical "Ashley." I'm really excited to see some Tyce Diorio routines again! Also, let me say, I don't understand the difference between Lauren helping out Tyce once on the show and Hok being everyone's favorite person ever but without a Visa. I'm pretty sure they're just going to end up favoring the person who's the best dancer. Nothing wrong with that. And what about the siblings? They should certainly get the same speech about favoritism, except they didn't because the judges would be lying if they said they weren't going to favor them. I still call bullshit on that.

The girl cut at the end I much prefered to Lacey. Caitlin Cuccharia, I'm fine with, because if she stays with her plan to come back next year and doesn't get pregnant like someone else we know, she'll be in a much better position next year. Well, we also said that about Jaclyn Crum around the time of Idol 4, and look at her now, a mother of two. Strange coincidence there that they both ended up having babies.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see the pairs next week. I wonder if it'll be like last season or like the first season, which had new pairs every week. I think I like the way they did it last year, because it made a big distinction between Top 20 and Top 10. I'll soon figure out my sure favorites next week. I know this is the first update in forever, but it's So You Think You Can Dance. I had to, busy or not. Until next time..

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