Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Survivor Episode 13

Two weeks ago on An Episode That I Had Time to Recap:
Candice was obnoxious and thusly was voted off.

Last week On Survivor:
I am recapping this almost a week late and in a very quick fashion. I have two more finals tomorrow, so at some point, I need to study. I'll go through what I remember of this episode. I'll call it my highlights.

Parvati cuts her finger. That's disgusting. I hate stuff like that. And then a few minutes later, I cut my own finger.. with scissors if you'll believe it. I was making duct tape shoes and my roommate had turned off the lights again. And duct tape is sticky. Somewhere in there, I cut my finger. And I was even trying to empathize with Parvati.

It's the family episode, which means next week (aka tomorrow) is probably the car challenge. Oooh. I only hope. Parvati, her danglethumb, and her father win the wet t-shirt contest and Parvati sends Jonathan to Exile. Parvati's dad then has to choose two people to come on the reward.. without consulting with Parvati first. Brilliant! He chooses Island Girls and Island Boys Sundra and her mother and Adam and his father. What was up with that Island People crap?

They get to go on a "locals" reward with a bunch of paid ethnic-looking actors. Parvati gets to sprinkle goat piss into fresh water and then everybody jumps in. Including Parvati and her danglethumb.. which really shouldn't be in water.

Yul, Ozzy, and Becky want to hide the food that they get everyday because Adam and Parvati don't do jack and get to rest and eat and then do well in challenges. This is a smart idea. Too bad when the challenge winners come home, they bring back food. I would have still hid the food. Or at least I would have decided from then on to only get enough food for myself. Have everybody get their own food. Sounds fair to me.

We have a brutal Immunity that involves turning into various types of animals, such as a dolphin and a squirrel. Fortunately, Ozzy is a transformer. He starts off as a dolphin, gliding through the water and towards the obstacle course. Then he becomes part-squirrel and skitters across the floating logs and barrels and shit. Meanwhile, everybody else is being careful and slow as they try to cross the barrels. This does not work, for many obvious reasons. Sundra takes a body slam in between a barrel and a platform at one point and it looks painful.

Ozzy collects all the sticks and then builds one long pole and reaches two rings. Apparently, the next part of the challenge, which involved juggling the rings while standing on a rolling log was axed and with that, Ozzy won immunity.

Nobody likes Jonathan anymore, and they all say as much at tribal council. There is still too much jury interaction and Jonathan is voted off of the island. Sweet. He does make a great point that the former Raro members pre-merge were not voted off because of him. They were voted off because of their own team members. Jonathan was desperate at that point and his survival was due to their tribemates deciding to vote them off instead of him. This is an extremely valid point. I'm pretty sure they still remember, especially Jenny, but it's still key to mention.

Next time on Survivor:
There is a lot of talk of Yul or Ozzy being voted off my their own alliancemates, which means that most likely, nothing will happen.

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