Thursday, July 24, 2008

Episode 7 Recap NOW

Okay, so I got yelled at in the comments section of my previous post. And I love it. First of all, the majority of the comments I've gotten on this blog have been on the clues posts, so I never really realized people enjoyed my commentary. So thanks for letting me know that you actually come to read my commentary and are actually pissed when you don't get to read it. Also, I love that I got yelled at in my own blog. I don't know how you knew I'd respond positively to this, because I really think most people would be offended and would delete the comment or whatever, but I love it. Is that you, Al?

So I know this post might still piss you off because I'm not actually writing the recap right now. It's 7am and I have to go teach. I'll be back around 1pm and I promise I will rewatch the episode this afternoon and then put up an awesome recap. I will say that assuming the finale is in two weeks, my work load gets significantly lighter after next Thursday, so I hope to be able to put out some final speculation posts before we actually find out who the Mole is.

Clay: Does this mean he actually voted for Nicole like they made it seem? So when he couldn't do math, I was like, hmmm maybe Clay is the Mole. But then he got the pattern in the answers and I decided there was no way. Being that I'm currently preparing to be a math teacher, I can see where Clay went wrong in his calculations earlier. This would actually be an interesting question to pose to my students because it makes sense that if you added eight, you'd have to subtract it later, but by adding eight to the number being subtracted, you're actually making the difference smaller, so you have to add that eight back to the difference later. This would actually be a very interesting question to pose to students. Anyway, Clay's discussion with Mark was suspect too. Are they really still voting for Nicole? Really, guys? I think we've all figured out by now that it's not her. But I wonder, because it does seem Clay knew her the best, so I'm surprised he left before Mark. But who knows. Mark is like Al. He won't go away. I have to say I have a lot of respect for Clay for thinking through patterns with the numbers, though. There are always patterns in the Mole. Always. Good job figuring it out. That was tough.

Mark: Let's not pretend that Nicole tied with Clay. It was Mark. He should be gone next. Why do people think it's Mark? He's has way too much of a hero/leader complex. I don't ever see him think to do something to sabotage. I don't think it ever comes to mind that he should do something suspicious to look like the Mole. Anything he does to cost the group money is purely by chance, I think. Mark, the fact that Nicole counted wrong with the tiles is not a "little clue." A little clue is when someone says something that maybe they shouldn't have known. Or if they break a small rule that could easily be overlooked. And yes, Clay, some people are just that paranoid. I can think of one named Al. Mark is so much like Al. You know what I can say about Mark, though? I know I've been harsh about how he is as a player in the game. However, I can definitely tell through his interactions with his wife that he's a great husband and father. He really seems to adore his family and that's just a great thing.

Paul: Do we think Paul misled the group on purpose? Probably. Does this mean he's the Mole? No. It means he does what Mark doesn't do. He knows how to be suspicious without being overt. Also, it seemed like he was trying to sabotage his own chance at seeing his family. Although, who else thinks Paul is exactly the type of guy who would not know those certain things about his wife? Maybe they haven't been together for as long as Mark and his wife, but I can't say I'm surprised that Paul didn't know his wife's dream job or aspirations. His daughter is adorable! I loved when she told the door to open and it opened. She's such a cutie.

Nicole: I love that she chose Dumb to be with Craig. That's what I would've done. I think she's onto Craig and will probably win as long as she doesn't eliminate herself. As far Jon saying they should know by now that choosing Dumb means they'll have to do more, I disagree. Mole tasks traditionally don't relate in that sense. Something I would expect would be for Dumb contestants to have to outsmart the Smart players but beating them in something or doing something quicker. I think the tasks this season could've been more creative, but hey, I'll take what I can get. So who sabotaged the Dumb team? Well, the task was a little ridiculous, so I wouldn't be surprised if they counted wrong. I am impressed with how Nicole memorized all of Clay's answers. I have a feeling she was very adamant on doing the best she could for Clay and what she displayed here is very true to her real self. You know what I wonder? Was her plan to quit a ploy? Like either she felt threatened and wanted to make sure she had an out in case she was legitimately executed, or she wanted to throw off the other players. She's a tricky person, so I don't know.

Craig: Quiet sabotage is when you change a number slightly and make it look like you were just confused by the amount of different numbers being used. I'm impressed by how well he did on the questions about his girlfriend, considering they've known each other the shortest out of all of the people. Craig is the Mole guys. There was little sabotage in this episode because they won both tasks, and the tasks were kind of lame as far as Mole challenges go. Next week looks decent. We'll see how that goes.

Craig is the Mole. Nicole is the winner. Paul is the loser. Mark goes home next. How do you like that..


At 2:45 AM, July 25, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the recap I've come to enjoy. Sorry for being so harsh in the previous comment, but this is the first decent recap you had in a few weeks. By the way, who's Al? I've been posting a few comments in the past weeks reguarly and I'd like to remaind anonymous, but I'll try continue to post some comments every chance I get. Til next week... -ADP


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