Monday, July 21, 2008

The Mole 5: Clues (Updated Episode 7)

Official Clues:

Week 2: I'm still working on this one. It could be one of those arbitrary ones and not like a secret message or code or anything.
-ABC clue: NIC@IT
Week 2: NIC@IT = NICATIT. Unscramble it. TITANIC. In episode 1, Craig stands on the boat just like DiCaprio did in Titanic.
-ABC clue: E_E_E_
Week 2: Yes, it does conveniently spell out ELEVEN, but the clue is Hangman. This is a game of hangman. After Craig jumps off the waterfall in the first challenge, he says he feels like a hanged man.
-ABC clue: A B C B B
Week 2: The way the clue was given was with the two lines center-aligned. So I immediately thought it was related to their seating arrangement in the execution, but I don't know what to make of the letters. Apparently people think it relates to grades people received on the quiz, which would make sense given that Liz was executed. However, this means Craig got a 'B' and then I'd be suspecting Clay as the Mole, who was one of the 'A' people. However, this also means Nicole got a 'C' and I'd have a hard time believing she's doing poorly on the quizzes.
-Text clue: Heart
Week 2: I don't know what this means. I tend to not prefer the clues where it's unclear whether or not there's a hidden meaning. Like the hangman one is one that interests me because it's clear there's something to figure out. Here, I don't know if it's literally referring to a heart or if I have to decode it or whatever. Liz had heart earrings. Bobby wrote that he <3's>-Text clue: Grapes
Week 3: Someone had a grape treatment at the spa. Really that obvious though? OH, it was Bobby. People have been suspecting the text clues refer to eliminated players. Liz with the heart earrings and now Bobby with the grape treatment. However, NIC@IT still points to Craig for me, so I don't know about that idea.
-Website clue: s666 - LIAr
Week 3: Fascinating. I'll work on this one.
-Text clue: cf(11)8
Week 4: See if '11' ate? Yeah, Craig wasn't at dinner when they did that challenge, thus costing the team a possible two thousand dollars and giving him the right to piss Mark off by continuing to be able to write meaningless things in his journal (assuming he's the Mole, of course).
-Website clue: EFG PQR ZOO
Week 4: It's actually written with the sets of letters stacked on top of each other. So I get these clues off of forums, by the way, and the ones I have looked to for reference are all in my links in the right column. If you write out the alphabet so that EFG is above PQR, and you decipher what ZOO refers to, you get ODD, which is interesting. There was an even/odd question this week, but I also remember the question of how many letters are in the Mole's name, and ODD would also apply there.
-Website clue: 234 715
Week 5: Where is number 6. Who is number 6? When? Paul was 6 in the first task, from left to right, but it's not him.
-Text clue: CHNO 111738
Week 5: Somebody pulled C11H17N3O8 out as some sort of chemical, which would go with neuroscientist, which would go with the theme of clues for eliminations.
-Website clue: 334 631 244
Week 6: Each set of numbers is on top of the other.. like many clues we've gotten. And they're all crossed out. Hmmm..
-Text clue: X13421
Week 7: This is a clue from last week I think. Apparently it points to Alex going home.
-Text clue: 1245
Week 7: I don't know. I'm tired. Maybe I'll think about it tomorrow.

Possible Clues:

Week 2:
-Journal #11: At this point, I think it refers to person #11 in the intro: Craig. It's not a very meaningful clue. Take it as you'd like.
-Green thumbprint helmet: I kept this one around because I could've sworn I saw that helmet again in some preview.
-Last Supper: Painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. LEONARDO. DiCaprio. It connects to the NIC@IT clue.
-Alexander Selkirk: He was born Alexander SelCRAIG. I think this is exactly the type of clue we should be expecting. It's easy to figure out if you think to google it. However, it's conveniently placed in the episode so that most people will overlook it. It's amazing to me that people completely disregard this. Everything is put in the show for a reason. They could've left the name out of the story, but they didn't. You could argue that it's a red herring, but I will not believe it was just a coincidence.
-Italia: Jon, the host, is wearing a shirt that says Italia on it. I tried to take notes this episode and that was the only halfway decent thing I wrote down. Like for example, I wrote down Liz = bunny when she tied that green bandanna around her head. Italia sticks out to me. It's odd that he was wearing it. It seemed out of place.
-Pisco Sours: Their second appearance. I don't know what I make of this clue, though. There is such a thing as a Pisco Italia, which would connect to the other arbitrary clue.
-Ransom Note: There are three missing letters on the random note: Y in 'your' U in 'throughout' and E in 'the.' Don't know what it means. (Note: I had it down as 'random' note but I mean 'ransom' and clearly the note was both.)
-All the religious references: People seem to think this refers to Victoria being from Bishop, Texas, but do you not all realize that Craig went to PLNU, a Christian school? While I tend to think blatant repeated symbolism is too excessive to be considered a reliable clue, if you do consider it a clue, then it points to Craig just as much as it points to Victoria, or a male with a Bible-name.
-JAIME on the side of a building: I don't know what it means. I'm tired. Post your thoughts if you want. I'll think about it when I'm less tired. So, like Friday, when I can finally sleep in.
-N 20 HL 70 on a label somewhere near the end of the episode?


At 4:30 AM, July 22, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok fine, maybe I was wrong predicting Mark would go home. But I didn't see Nicole suggesting she was going to throw the quiz in order to go home! That came way out of left field. On the other hand, I knew was too smart to quit when in fact she could end up winning this thing. Clay was actually my second choice to go home this week. If it wasn't this week, it'll be next week. I'm assuming Mark will be next, but hey, I could be wrong. I thought he would be gone by now.

At 6:54 AM, July 22, 2008, Blogger Megan said...

Yeah, why is Mark still here.. when will he go home. I'm pretty sure not even his wife thinks he's the Mole, and the loved ones are usually pretty clueless about that..


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