Monday, July 21, 2008

The Mole 5: Episode 7

HAHAHAHAHAHA this episode was amazing. Maybe it also helps if I explain what you would have witnessed if you just watched this episode with me. As soon as Nicole starts talking about throwing the quiz, even though I know by the way they were editing it that there was no way she'd be going home, here's my dialogue for the last part of the show: "No, you better not. Don't you dare. No! You are not quitting. No, you'd better not. Don't you.. don't you dare! Uh-uh. No!" This is me talking to the Nicole on TV. Yeah.. I knew she wouldn't be going home, whether it was because she failed at throwing the quiz or because she just couldn't do that to herself. I'm glad it was because she just could not bare making that decision based on emotions. She knew in her head when she thought it out that she could never do such a stupid thing.

Ledora: Let's talk about my favorite character on this show. Who the hell replaced Anderson Cooper with this current host and overlooked Ledora as a potential host. I loved seeing the relationship between mother and daughter and I loved how much of a riot she was. "Omarosa." HAHAHA.. except, no, Ledora, you understand all stories about Omarosa behind the scenes with no cameras paints her as an even more extreme version of how she's portrayed on camera. Nicole is no Omarosa, and she should be proud of that. She's a strong, intelligent, successful woman who is about to win this damn game. Anyway, back to Ledora. She was awesome from the moment she became a character on this show, muttering about the door not opening, to the time she left, calling her own daughter Omarosa.

I'm going to sleep. I do plan on finishing this recap because the episode was amazing. We'll see how that goes, with all the work I have this week, mostly due on Wednesday.


At 1:21 AM, July 24, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it's wednesday and there's no recap. What a surprise? This blog started out great, but now is ending up as a forum to vent about your roommate. Lets get back on track and write about something people care about and come here to get.


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