Sunday, October 25, 2009


The new intro is awesome and the cast looks pretty awesome as well. We definitely have more characters like we did in season 4, and I'm hoping for a more entertaining back story this time around. Of course there are a bunch of questions I have after watching that final callback show. I'm not sure I'm going to like having all of the shows on the big stage, but we'll see how it goes. They need to some how loosen it up so it's not so formal and put in the bull pen somewhere so the other dancers can somewhere to go during results shows so we can observe their behavior. Yes, these are my competition-show-watching priorities. Moving on.. let's talk about Top 20.

Nathan Trasoras: Small child. I don't have that many opinions on him, except that he'll probably be paired with Mollee if we're looking at putting similar people together. Remember when a bunch of couples looked like each other last season? Yeah.

Kathryn McCormick: Omg will she shut up? I already hate her. Maybe she'll go away soon, or she'll be paired with someone awesome like Russell and we'll have to suffer through her every episode until she's finally eliminated way too late. Sound familiar?

Channing Cooke: Meh. She's very blonde. No personality resemblance to Chelsie, though. Moving on..

Ariana DeBose: I don't know much about her and I feel like they're holding back on her for whatever reason. Oh, right, they had a soap opera to film for this episode. We'll see who they pair her up with.

Ellenore Scott: She's very pretty, but I don't know that much about her. There's something Chelsea Traille about her hair.

Billy Bell: He's one of the ones who knows Jeanine, so not that surprising that he made it. Well, he's also amazing.

Russell Ferguson: I <3 Russell. They really sold him during Vegas week.. that was amazing what he did. He also seems like such a sweet guy. Like he means well, is very pleasant, and tries hard. That's really all you could ask for.

Kevin Hunte: I think he's too reserved and kind of closed off compared to Russell and Legacy. I don't see him drawing in enough fans to make it as far as perhaps he deserves, but judging by his technique during Vegas, there's a chance he could get through based on his skill. Imagine that..

Bianca Revels: Not a surprise. I have mixed feelings on Bianca. Biyanka, actually.. that's what Nigel and Cat call her. She's definitely got the personality to make a season feel like season 4. I'm sure she'll stick around for awhile.

Phillip Attmore: I don't really know.. they made him look like an ass and then took him anyway, so either he's an ass or they're trying to create dimension.

Peter Sabasino: I loved his reveal. He's the guy who goes in and you're like, what are his chances now, really? It would be the same if you sent in a string of hip hop dancers or a string of ballroom. Really, what are the chances? So when he came back for his reveal, that was probably the most exciting one of the episode.

Victor Smalley: I wonder if he has a jet-pack. I have a student with the same name and he has a jet-pack.

Jakob Karr: This is another one who's friends with Jeanine. Interesting they appear the season after her.. might be an age thing.

Mollee Gray: You mean small child? She's such a little kid. If I were to call a pair, I'd call her and Nathan. But I guess it depends on height. Whoever's the shortest guy is almost guaranteed to be with Pauline. I can see Mollee either mellowing out when the show starts or driving everyone crazy all the time.

Pauline Mata: I've been a fan of Pauline since they rejected her at this stage last year. I'm glad she made it despite being broken and not able to finish. Ohh.. will she be paired with Legacy? Somehow I'm seeing that.. he seems to be one of the shorter ones. I don't know how I feel about that if it happens.

Noelle Marsh: I was sure she'd get cut, but what did I know, they had an even bigger soap opera saved for the end. I don't really think Noelle will stick around for much. She's already cast as Mollee's sidekick.. I guess it'll depend on who she's paired with, but they could set her up to be the next Paris of -and-Tony.

Legacy (Jonathan Perez): I had heard that Legacy didn't make it, so now that I see that he did, I don't know really.. He comes off smug and not that good at any other styles. Maybe he'll go away quickly. With someone like Russell who I can't imagine everybody doesn't already love, there's not that much room for another b-boy to wow us and steal our votes.

PVO: I want to include Paula because she did technically make it to the top 20. I love PVO. I think she's an amazing dancer and she's been around for awhile, so she's a sentimental favorite. Word on the street is she's going to be in the Christina Aguilera movie, Burlesque. She better be a named character with many lines, or I'll be sad that she gave up the chance to be on tv weekly for 2 months for a chance at a movie.

There are a few different scenarios of what happened with her that I'm running through. She may have called producers over the break between Vegas and the callback show and they insisted she still come to the callbacks because they needed her as a character on their soap opera. It's also possible she wanted to find out if they would have chosen her and didn't say anything to anyone. I highly doubt this though. It's also possible she just found out on that day and mentioned it to a producer, but since she was there, they had her stay. Whichever it was, they definitely used it for added drama to the show. Whatever. I wish we got more of the story, if there was more. I'll miss having PVO on the show.

Ryan Di Lello: I have no interest in him or his wife. I'm already tired of hearing about how difficult it is to dance with someone other than each other and how sad it is when one of them leaves. Blah. Blah. Moving on..

Karen Hauer: I don't really know much about her, but she was also part of a married couple on this show. Luckily her husband isn't on the show now, so hopefully she won't be insufferable. I was glad when she made it over Ashleigh.

Ashleigh Di Lello: I really don't think she's that good. Like really? We couldn't have called Amber back and told her she was now in? Oh, because that's not as good of a soap opera when the judges have to eat shit and take back what they said. It's much better when they make the husband cry because he feels bad that his wife was cut, and then have him jumping up and down when he finds out she's actually in. Right.

Let's take some guesses on the pairings. I think Legacy's the shortest boy, so I'll put him with Pauline, unfortunately for her. Nathan and Mollee. Jakob with Ariana. Victor and Ellenore. Hmm.. it's hard to tell their size from video. I wonder who they'll put Bianca with. That one is interesting to me. Billy? I don't know, if their bios come out before the first show, I'll make more guesses then.

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