Friday, August 21, 2009

The PR Empire

I usually have a lot of opinions when shows make big changes, but I'm not sure it really makes much of a difference to me now that PR is on Lifetime. Had it moved to Fox, I would've been concerned. Lifetime, however, has no other shows, so it can focus solely on PR. I thought I would blog since this is kind of the last time I'll probably have time to blog for awhile, considering I start teaching (3 preps) on Monday.

So I love how PR has turned into an empire. First we get this all-stars challenge, which is awesome, particularly because they brought back both interesting and talented contestants and crazy and ridiculous ones. I kind of loved it when Uli said, "Who's making pretty dresses?" and then paused and when nobody responded, she smiled like a little girl and raised her hand.

This is how Lifetime has changed PR: I'm pleased, actually, that not much has changed. It's basically the same show, so I don't have anything to complain about. However, I will say that Bravo is more "wacky characters" than Lifetime, which I've typically seen as taking itself a little too seriously sometimes. I think had this season been on Bravo, Ari Fish would've stayed for at least two more episodes to annoy us and Cristal or Qristel or whatever would've gone home. Right?

And I love how they came up with a show based off of what had just happened on the previous show. Models of the Runway? It's kind of like The Aftershow on mtv, except it was filled with even less substance. I do like that they're all picking models every episode like they did back in season 1. I don't seem any harm to it.. makes for a more interesting show, imo. Like remember when Zulema stole Tara from Nick and thus started the grand downfall of Nick as a contestant on PR2? Tara was one of the better models, if not the best that season. Once Zulema inevitably lost, since only the winning designer got a choice, Vosovic stuck with Rebecca and Tara went home way before she was ever supposed to. Yes, I do still remember these details about the models of season 2. It's the information that got stored in my brain instead of the information from CS106B and Statistics 116. Right.


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