Sunday, January 28, 2007

American Idol Season 6 Episodes 1-4

American Idol is like the older sister of So You Think You Can Dance for me. I get really obsessed sometimes, but there are parts that I really don't like. Auditions are kinda annoying to me. I really like when they show great people and really annoyed when they focus too long on bad auditions.

Here's how the recapping will go.. it's really hard for me to actually recap about talent and stay on task when it comes to these types of shows. I definitely won't be covering these first few weeks audition by audition. I will however, try to always have several topics and give out random awards.

I'm thinking I will always have (1) Best and (2) Worst performances when it comes down to the semifinals. There will (3) Best Sob Story/Interview, (4) Stupidest Remark, (5) Best Hair--by best, I usually mean worst, (6) Funniest Dance Moves, (7) Best Simon Comparison--ie. "That sounded like a drunk guy at a wedding reception", (8) Dumbest Paula Comment--ie. "The air about you is so fresh", (9) Number of times Randy says "Dawg" versus number of times Simon says "I'm not being rude, but..", (10) Best Phone Pantomiming--my favorite category because they always look like idiots mouthing their number and doing an Irish jig while Ryan announces their phone number, (11) Best Outfit--ie. worst.

Also, anything else I come up with. Basically, it will be one big free-for-all. I may spend an entire recap discussing the pros and cons of punching Paula in the face versus the pros and cons of punching Seacrest. I may spend an entire recap being pissed about someone who was voted off. I get seriously offended sometimes when America votes off someone that was really good. Like I was really really smug and proud when Jennifer Hudson got her superstar debut in Dream Girls after losing out way too early in season 3 to Fantasia, who only has a Lifetime Special to her name.

So as far as the auditions go, I don't remember anyone particularly from the first two days. I remember that Seattle sucked and was filled with weirdos. They only too like one and a half people from there over the course of two days.

I do, however, remember the other two days. One was in New York and the other.. somewhere south. I liked a couple people. I really liked Melinda Doolittle, the background singer who was really shy. I liked the sob story of the week, the girl whose dad didn't support her. I liked the hott guy who was the first audition of the second day of the fourth episode. Jenry? I liked Jorey, the girl who hung with the Queen of England. A couple more, but I think I'm sold on Melinda for now. She just seems really down to earth and sweet. I hate the cocky ones. I like when they're genuinely flattered by the judges' comments.

Oh, I did like the half Indian brother and sister from the first week. I wouldn't say I peg either of them to make it to the finals, but they're both really cute and look like they're twelve. And I liked the friends where one friend was the alpha-female and the other was better, but totally the follower. You could just tell she really liked her friend and always was modest about herself and complimented her friend all the time. The alpha-female seemed like she knew she was the alpha one and wanted it that way.

Anyway, Paula's stupidest comment was when she called Simon a bad boy. It was really funny because she wanted to attack him and yell at him but then couldn't come up with anything good. I think Paula's really funny because (1) She's always on something. (2) She's always fed up with Simon yet most people agree with Simon more than they do with her. (3) Simon's the bigger personality. (4) She's not allowed to sleep with contestants anymore.

Can't wait until Hollywood Week, which is actually one of my favorite weeks besides finale week.



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